The International Award Isa Bey Ishaković is the most important honor in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 2012 it has been awarded exclusively to international statesmen: presidents and prime ministers.
A charter on the establishment includes the credo of this award: "In Search of a Friend".
The award consists of a unique stone sculpture representing a kaleidoscope of Bosnia and Herzegovina peoples' cultural heritage and a plaque.
The sculptures of the International Award Isa Bey Ishakovi
ć adorn the presidential palaces in Turkey, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia and Macedonia. These sculptures are a sort of bridge to these friendly cultures with which Bosnia and Herzegovina shares common values.
The award bears the name of the most important Bosnian benefactor and humanist Isa Bey Ishakovi
ć, the founder of Sarajevo.

The Award Committee of the International Award Isa Bey Ishaković

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